Virtual Lactation Support (in home support available by request)

Virtual Lactation Support (in home support available by request)

from 25.00

I created this package in order to provide accessible lactation support. A barrier to reaching goals for many nursing and pumping parents can be physical and financial accessibility. My virtual lactation support on a sliding scale aims to reduce these challenges.

This package includes information, advise, and support around the following:

  • A 40 Minute Session Via Google Hangout or FaceTime

  • Trouble Shooting:

    • Latch

    • Supply

    • Pain

    • Engorgement

    • Sleepy Baby At Breast / Bottle

    • Colic / Gassy Baby

  • Pumping

  • Going Back to Work

  • Growth Spurts

  • Cluster Feeding

  • Teething

  • Introducing Solids/Semi-Solids

  • Sleep-Training and Milk Supply

  • Colds and Medication with Nursing

+ more depending on your needs

As a part of the checkout process, you’ll fill out a short form which includes preferred session dates. I’ll reach out to you via email within 24 of your submitted payment and form to schedule our session.

If you’d prefer an in home session, please mark that on the intake form after check out.

I offer my services on a sliding scale to offer another layer of accessibility to the families I work with. My full rate is set at $45 per session, my median rate at $35, and my reduced minimum rate at $25 for families who are in need of services but unable to afford my full rate. If you’re still in need of services but $25 is still too challenging for your family to pay at the moment, please reach out to me via email (

Sliding Scale:
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