Healing Herbal Baths

Healing Herbal Baths


A nourishing herbal bath blend for postpartum bodies.

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Specifically designed for the postpartum body, your body will indulge in this herbal bath blend.

Using all natural and organic products, this bath is a miracle worker with herbs that will that stimulate cell growth and repair, have anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, herbs that are pain relieving, moisturizing, calming to irritated skin, that help calm nerves and ease tension, speed up healing from bruising, promotes mood and hormone stabilization, circulation and relaxation. And that's just to name a few!

Your body has worked hard, show it some (herbal) love!

Makes 3 (*fresh*) baths. 6-8 baths if herbs are re-steeped.

*Herbs can be used twice in a 24 hour period if placed in a cup of water and refrigerated allowing you to have 6 baths total.*

All the herbs are safe to steam/soak in while breastfeeding although the blend should not be used internally as a tea because of the epsom salts.