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Placenta Encapsulation

Thank you for choosing Doula Lyanne to be a part of your birth support team in providing you with Placenta Encapsulation Services, to help ease your transition and recovery during the early postpartum period. Placenta Encapsulation is becoming more and more mainstream as many mothers around the world are becoming more aware of the historic role the placenta has played throughout time, in the healthy recovery of the new mother. Science has shown that the use of placenta encapsulation has gone on to positively support the postpartum woman in many ways such as:

• Increasing Milk Production

• Balancing Postpartum Hormones

• Replenishing Maternal Iron Levels

• Reducing Fatigue

• Reducing the Risk of PPD (Postpartum Depression which affects 1 in 5 new mothers)

• May Act as Protection from What is Known as RH-Compatibility


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For your convenience, I pick up from the hospital, birth center, or home and deliver the finished capsules within 2 days of you birth. Depending on the time baby arrives will determine when I pick up the placenta. I come as soon as possible but do not come in the middle of the night. It’s important to keep me in the loop via text MSG when you go into labor so I can make arrangements to begin the process as soon as possible. Please check the location placenta will be picked up from: *